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 Blow you

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PostSubject: Blow you   Blow you EmptyFri Jul 08, 2016 4:15 am

"You do realize that this entire conversation falls under 'none of your business."  Oleander was sending Eustass a pointed scowl from his place on the far end of the couch.  It had been nearly two weeks since Nikita had taken Oleander out for his birthday, 14 days since they kissed and swore to never speak of it again, 20,160 minutes into the aftermath of a silent rejection and strange shift in their relationship. Oleander had called Nikita the next morning as though nothing had happened, and he'd been keeping with the facade each day since. 
Eustass was finally tired of it.  The alpha couldn't quite place what was wrong but there was definitely something. Nikita had dropped by to pick Oleander up for fight club when the towering alpha intercepted him and called together this tiny intervention.
"Hey, I know I promised to stay out of your personal lives but that was only when it didn't seem like you and Nikky had friction. Now i'm going to ask this once and I expect you both to be honest with me." Eustass reached out to gently run a hand across Oleander's face, pausing to carefully tug at the boys nose in an attempt to wipe the scorn from his features while his other hand fell to rest reassuringly on Nikita's shoulder.  "What is going on between the two of you?"
Silence is all that followed.  Oleander sat still with his poker face, eyes shining with defiance as he waited for his father to withdraw. He'd always been painstakingly stubborn, and he seemed to enjoy seeing how far he could push Eustass before the man was red in the face with frustration. Nikita though hated seeing the alpha distressed, even more so when it was over Oleander and Mal. He wanted to crumble there and give Eustass the truth, maybe ask his opinion in the matter but he knew that Oleander would never forgive him.  Maybe some other time, when they were alone and he could save Ollie the embarrassment. He knew Eustass could keep a secret.  Nikita was so ingrained in his thoughts he almost missed it when Oleander finally spoke up, but the boys words were heavy and spiteful despite his emotionless tone.
"I hate him. Same as always. Never changes." Oleander spared Nikita a fleeting glance, just enough to size him up before settling his gaze back on Eustass. "You're getting senile with age if you think any differently, old man."  The insult was added as an afterthought, one more last minute agitation in the hopes of seeing Eustass flustered enough to maybe call Thatcher. 
The alpha refused to take the bait.  He waited a moment longer though, hopeful that Nikita would be honest with him. He was only concerned for them, they were his babies. Nikita knew this.
When he averted his gaze, refusing to come forward, Eustass finally gave up.  The werewolf heaved an exhausted sigh but there was no anger in his eyes. Disappointment maybe, or the slight shine of hurt.  It wasn't there long.  The alpha pushed himself up only seconds later, regarding the two teenagers one last time with a look so intense it was as though Eustass expected that it alone would be enough to draw out the answers he desired.
It wasn't, and the alpha found himself retreating into the kitchen to keep from feeling the full weight of his frustration.
Oleander and Nikita were left alone with their unspoken problem filling the space between them.  The tension was heavy, and yet when Nikita finally turned to fully face his friend Oleander still wore the same blank expression. It was though their uncomfortable encounter with Eustass had never happened-
Like their kiss really never happened.
The thought of Oleander forgetting should not have caused such a deep ache in Nikita's chest, but it did, even though he had been the one to stop things before they began.  Despite having been forced to reject the kiss, Nikita could still feel the weight against his lips, steady and warm and Oleander.
"You didn't have to be so rude to him."
Nikita spoke only because he didn't know how to endure the silence any longer. 
"No, I didn't have to but I did, and I enjoyed getting his panties in a twist. He promised me he'd stay out of my personal life, he reneged, and now maybe he'll think twice before over stepping our agreements." Oleander didn't seem bothered in the least.  Ever since their ruined night out the boy had been reluctant to show Nikita any kind of feeling. So far he'd yet to slip up even once.
"I didn't realize this was a personal life problem for you.  You hate me, remember?" Nikita threw the words back at him in spite, still slightly aching from the dull echo of Oleander's voice the first time they were spoken.
"Every inch of you." Oleander finally slid his cool gaze over to Nikita, eyes defiant as they settled across the Russian's face.  He'd sworn himself that he'd never speak of his attraction again, but Nikita was begging for it, taunting him with those damned onyx eyes that he adored so much. And the way his jaw was set, it drove Oleander wild-
"That doesn't mean I wouldn't blow you." 
The words were out now, exploding between them in a way that had Nikita choking on his tongue.  All that spiteful silence and now Oleander was dropping this on him. Nikita's world tilted sideways, and he actually had to wrap an arm around the back of the couch to keep from falling over.
Nikita was tempted to hate him back, if only for the aching spring of his heart as he digested the words.  He was never supposed to feel this way, but somehow Ollie always got what he wanted.
"You like me?"  The words were a hesitant question, uncertain of what he wanted to hear and completely unprepared for whatever became his answer.
"I hate you," Oleander corrected him. Nikita barely heard it though. After all these years he could read between the bullshit.
"Now get away from me. Go wait outside or some shit while I tell my dad we're going."
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Blow you
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