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 Of Car Keys & Drag Queens

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PostSubject: Of Car Keys & Drag Queens   Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:57 pm

Killian watched with a grin on his features as someone placed the large bowl of car keys on the center table. They were throwing a type of swinger’s party tonight. All the dominant men had placed their keys in a bowl at the beginning of the party and now the submissive men were going to pick a set of keys from the bowl, going home with whoever’s keys they chose. Killian certainly wouldn’t mind sharing a bed with anyone in this room so he was just keeping an eye on his keys that still sat at the bottom of the bowl. He was quite intrigued. His keys were quite distinctive. Even though the bottoms were blindfolded while they chose, you could clearly feel the small hook keychain Killian’s keys had. It was a dead giveaway, meaning anyone who picked his up and didn’t put them down after realizing what they were, definitely wanted him. He had found himself going through his options, deciding who would probably screw him and who wouldn’t. He preferred the ones that he determined would give him the most of a challenge. He narrowed it down to Joslin, Ezra, and Zac. But he was sure he could get them all to crack. Though if he was going for less severe consequences, Joslin was the best choice by far. Chord didn’t seem quite as violent as the others.
He glanced up as Shannon approached the bowl, his mother tying the blindfold behind his head. His hand, complete with bright pink acrylic nails reached forward, gently landing in the bowl. He dug for the bottom of the bowl since he’d seen Aaron Mizanin’s keys down there and he did NOT mind going home with that fine piece of man. However as he reached for the bottom, something stuck him in the palm.
“Ow.” He muttered softly, his fingers wrapping around the set of keys to see what had been so sharp. He felt the distinct outline of a hook. Killian Murdock. He nearly snorted, shaking his head. It figured. He was about to let go of the car keys when he paused.
Killian watched as Shannon pulled his keys out of the bowl. Well, well, well. Looks like a certain drag queen wasn’t so over him after all. A sly grin spread across his face as he made his way to Shannon, who was still wearing the blindfold.
“Well, et looks like yar comin’ home weth me, dearie.” He whispered in the blonde’s ear.
Shannon hadn’t seen the man coming, therefore a small gasp left his lips as Killian’s breath hit him in the side of the face.
“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Shannon groaned softly. Yes, he’d known damn well it was Killian’s keys, but Killian didn’t need to know that.
“Love, ah’m not dumb.” Killian was still grinning as he reached around to untie the blindfold. “Ya want me, eh?”
“Your big head is getting to you.” Shannon scoffed as Killian’s hand rested on his hip.
“Ah, maybeh et is. But ya still chose mah keys.” The man grinned. “On purpose.” He added in a light whisper, his voice low and sultry.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Shannon rolled his eyes.
“Either way, yar my date tonight so.” Killian extended his arm, hooking Shannon’s with his own and leading the boy outside, taking his keys back to start up his truck.
He drove them to his home before heading inside.
“Ya remember mah house, love.” Killian nodded with a confident grin. He knew Shannon would, your first time was something that most remembered in detail.
“I do.” Shannon agreed reluctantly as he slipped out of his shoes, sitting down on the couch in the living room.
“Oh, love, ah believe ah have something that belongs ta ya.” Killian said before disappearing into his bedroom.
A moment later he reappeared, a high heeled shoe in his hand.
“That’s where that shoe went!” Shannon exclaimed, snatching it away from him only to have Killian retrieve it.
“Noh, et’s mine now.” He whined. “Ah like et.” He shot Shannon a wink, sitting down beside the boy and sliding an arm around his shoulders. “Ah keep et as ah souvenir.”
Shannon shrugged, letting his head rest in the crook of Killian’s neck.
“Soh, ya up far ah blowjob, love? Ef ah recall, ya were pretteh good at et.”
“Sorry, Killian, Brice and I made a deal. No fucking anyone else.”
“That’s tha point of ah key parteh!” Killian groaned. “Come on, love.”
“No Killian.” Shannon let a small giggle slip out as he shook his head.
“Yar evil. Ya know, ah blowjob doesn’t count as sex technically.” He pointed out, nodding his head.
“Well then if you’re nice to me all night, maybe you can have one.” Shannon offered. “MAYBE.” He added at seeing the triumphant look on Killian’s face.
“Ah don’t know whyeh yar weth that salty wench anyways.” Killian shook his head.
“He’s not a salty wench… whatever the hell that means.” Shannon laughed softly.
“Heh is!” Killian insisted, a grin on his features though as he informed Shannon. “Heh’s homophobic an’ has tha nerve ta call people out far liken men, and heh’s weth ah drag queen. Heh must be ah real smart fellow, huh?”
“Shut up.” Shannon whined, socking the man in the arm lightly.
“Ah like ya when ya get feisty.” Killian winked playfully at the other boy. “Soh what can ah doh ta beh nice ta ya so ah get mah blowjob?”
“Go make us some ice cream sundaes.” Shannon nodded, humming thoughtfully. “And while you do that, I will find us something to watch.” He propped his feet up on the coffee table lazily as he snatched up the remote.
“Ah can do that.” Killian hopped up, heading off to the kitchen as Shannon flipped through channels.
“OH!” Shannon squealed happily several minutes later just as Killian returned with two bowls of ice cream.
“What’s on?” He arched an eyebrow.
“RuPaul’s Drag Race!!!”
“Oh lord, doh weh have ta watch that?”
“Have something against drag queens?”
“Of course not love.” Killian smirked as he sat beside Shannon. “They’re just vereh dramatic…. And ah don’t understand their language!” He groaned.
“What do you mean?” Shannon giggled, turning on the show anyways as he dug into his ice cream.
“Ah mean what tha hell does fish mean!?”
“Duh!” Shannon rolled his eyes. “If someone says they look fishy, or they’re serving up fish, it means they look like an actual chick. They look girly.”
“Whyeh can’t they just say girly?”
“Because that’s not fun!”
Killian chuckled but agreed to sit back and watch the show. It could get him laid after all.
They’d caught it at the beginning of the episode and by ten minutes in, Killian was rather enjoying it.
“What’s the T mean?” Killian asked, nudging the other.
“Gossip. It’s like short for the truth.”
“Ahhh, that makes sense.” Killian nodded, propping his chin up on a hand as he watched the television. Several minutes later he spoke up again. “Soh, those two don’t like each otha?”
“Which ones?”
“Tha black one with tha weird eyes and the ugly one with the big teeth.”
“Don’t call Alyssa ugly!”
“But sheh is ugly!”
“She is fierce!”
“Yar weird.” Killian shook his head, eyes going back to the screen. Several minutes later, he spoke up again. “Bloodeh hell!” He flailed his arms in frustration.
“What?” Shannon giggled softly.
“Did ya hear tha’!?” He exclaimed after Alyssa insulted Coco’s fake tears.
“Coco stole her crown!”
“Soh?! Sheh doesn’t have ta beh ah bitch about et!”
“Coco does NOT deserve that crown!”
“Well Alyssa shouldn’t have been doin’ whateva sheh did ta lose et!”
“She didn’t do anything!” Shannon pouted.
Killian simply shook his head, eyes glued to the television. Shannon couldn’t help but giggle at him. And by the time the queens were strutting down the runway, he found himself curled up into Killian’s chest.
“They’re all gorgeous as women.” Killian noted. “But ah wouldn’t doh any of em as men. And that’s sayin something.” He’d do just about anyone.
“Well why do you think they’re drag queens?” Shannon chuckled.
“What do ya mean, love?” Killian arched an eyebrow.
“They’re ugly as men and they know it. If you were an ugly man, wouldn’t you want to be able to feel beautiful sometimes?”
Killian paused, thinking this over.
“Es that why ya do it, dearie?”
Shannon nodded.
“I’m plain and boring as a boy. I’m flawless as a woman. I can have any man I want when I’m in drag.”
A frown took over Killian’s features as he locked eyes with Shannon, leaning close so their foreheads were pressed together.
“Yar beautiful as both.” His voice was just a whisper, a hand coming up to caress Shannon’s cheek.
Shannon stared at him, blood rushing to his cheeks at the sweet words.
“Killian…” Even Brice didn’t make him feel this beautiful. He was in love with Brice and he knew Brice loved him… but only as a girl. He sort of felt like Killian liked him for him… “Are you just trying to get in my pants?”
“While ah’d beh honored if ya’d let meh in yar pants, ah meant what ah said. Yar lovely, Shannon.”
Shannon simply stared into Killian’s piercing blue eyes. He could feel his heart pounding so hard as if it would come right out of his chest.
“Killian…” He whispered softly, the name rolling off of his lips.
He outstretched a hand, one of his polished nails running down the man’s cheek, down to his mouth, tracing his lips gently. And then before he knew it, their lips were molding together, just as perfectly as he remembered, moving at the same pace. He felt Killian’s tongue slip past his lips but it wasn’t a lustful kiss, it was oh so sweet. Killian’s hands were on his hips, pulling him flush against the other man’s chest and he didn’t care. He was pressing back against him, he couldn’t help himself. He was putty in the hands of Killian Murdock. He pulled back for air after a moment, their noses still pressed together.
“You really think I’m beautiful?” He asked, panting lightly.
“Of course ah doh. Ah wouldn’t be weth ya if ah didn’t.” Killian’s gaze was soft on the boy as he took his hand, pressing his lips to the back of it. “But ya would look even more beautiful with something in yar mouth.”
Shannon immediately pulled back, shaking his head.
“You’re a pig.” He stood, straightening his clothes. “Can’t believe I fell for that shit.” He huffed under his breath, jerking away when he felt Killian reach out and take him by the waist. He recognized that line. Killian had used it on him the same night he’d taken his virginity.
“Love, don’t take et like that.” Killian sighed softly. “Ya know how ah am. Ah want ya, Shannon. Yar gorgeous, and sweet, and perfect.” His voice was low and husky as he spoke to the boy. “And ah man who doesn’t fight far what heh wants-“
“Deserves what he gets.” Shannon finished for him. “Yeah, yeah. I know.”
A sly grin spread across Killian’s face as Shannon finished his motto.
“That was pretteh sexy, lassie.” He shot the boy a wink.
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Of Car Keys & Drag Queens
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