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 Sean McDaniels.

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PostSubject: Sean McDaniels.   Fri Sep 23, 2011 8:53 am

Okay so this isn't one of your presents but only cause I don't think you will like ittt. I'm on my autns computer and your presents are on mine so I will put them up as soon as i get back on my computerrr.
This is just little random things about Sean Smile

Age 5:
Sean giggled as he tossed the ball around with Vikki and Colbie, hugging his teddy bear to his chest.
He always hung around the girls more often then his brothers.
Vikki tossed the ball and it flew over Sean's head.
"I'w det it!!" Sean called, smiling as he toddled off to find the ball. He looked around and suddenly someone else picked the ball up, holding it up.
"Lookin for this squirt?" Aaron smiled down at the child. Sean took the ball lightly before squealing and toddling off as fast as his legs could go.
Aaron blinked after him.
The hell?

Age 11:
Sean giggled as John kissed his cheek. He blushed as he looked up at the older boy.
"You gonna be my boyfriend then?" John smirked as Sean nodded shyly. "Great." John's arm wound around the chubby boy's waist.
John was sixteen. Sean was only eleven. But John enjoyed flirting with the boy, making him blush childishly.
Sean was chubby, usually picked on for it but he ignored it. John was popular and he wanted to date Sean!! How cool was that?! He would be popular too...
And for a few weeks he was. He walked with John around town every day.
John took his first kiss during one of those walks. It was wonderful. Deep, sweet, it even felt loving. Sean was in heaven. He was only eleven but he felt like he was falling in love.
He was finally not bullied for being a bit overweight. So when John invited him to a high school party he was quick to say yes, not even thinking anything could go wrong.
But it did. It went horribly wrong...
Sean got a bit tipsy. Drunk. So it was easy for John to lure him upstairs to the bedroom and strip him.
"You wait right here. I'll be back." John whispered and Sean nodded, lying on the bed, completely exposed.
He was expecting to have sex or just mess around. He was only eleven but he knew he'dd have to do something if he wanted John to stay around.
What he wasn't expecting was for John to come back with a group of other older boys... They laughed when they saw him lying there.
He smiled sweetly at them, moving to cover his self though. He wasn't comfortable with them seeing him nude. But the blanket was yanked away from him, making all the boys able to see his naked form.
They howled with laughter, shouting things like fatty, fatass, lardo, every name Sean had ever been called and more.
"Make them stop.." Sean said to John, his lip trembling. It was just then he noticed that John was doign it too.... His eyes teared up and they laughed even more. That was when the first hit came. Someone punched him, right in the gut, his stomach jiggling when they did.
Ow... They were old and strong, that hurt.
Then came another in the leg, and then another. And one more. They kept coming, one after another. Chest, stomach, leg until finally one of them punched him in the face, nearly shattering his jaw. He gasped.
What had he done to them? Why were they doing this? Then he was thrown over so his ass was in the air. Oh no, what were they doing now? He sobbed, pleading with them to stop, they'd hurt him badly enough.
All he knew was something was shoved in his ass. It was too small to be a dick but it hurt. Badly. He'd never had anything up there before...
It was removed after a moment though. They threw him on the ground then, attacking his sides with powerful kicks, even stepping on him at points.
Sean sobbed harder as they lifted him, above their heads and carried him downstairs, telling everyone to look at the fatass naked...
Everyone laughed apart from a few people who looked like they felt bad for him... Sean was carried through the entire party before they threw him outside and slammed the door. He didn't even have his clothes. He limped to a tree not too far away and curled up behind it, crying. His parents weren't home and he didn't have his cellphone so he couldn't call anyone to come get him... After a while, he made his way home, beaten and bruised. He washed off and got dressed, sitting in the kitchen. All his sisters and brothers were gone as well and wouldn't be home until later. He was alone.
He did what he always did when he was upset. He ate. He gobbled up everything he could find, way too much food for a boy his age. He just kept eating until his stomach ached horribly.
He gasped in horror as he realized something. This was only making him fatter. His weight was the reason all this had happened. So he had to fix it; He ran to the bathroom and shoved two fingers down his throat, gagging. He did this a few times before he vomited, the contents of his stomach emptying in the toilet.

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Sean McDaniels.
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